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About Us

Welcome to our Colombian restaurant in Miami, where we invite you to enjoy the real Bandeja Paisa “La Original”, a dish with more than 150 years of history and over 20 ingredients, especially served by our Team. Our family, from Medellin, Colombia, settled in Miami for new opportunities and brought a rich culinary heritage and the experience of a restaurant specializing in Creole food.


In 2007, we acquired our first restaurant, "Rinconcito Paisa #1”. In 2008, a successful Colombian fast food restaurant called "Los Mega Perros" was born, which has operated since 2004.

Taking advantage of our experience in authentic Colombian cuisine in Miami, we decided to transform "Los Mega Perros" into "Bandeja Paisa." By doing so, we became the only Latin restaurant in the area that offers an extensive menu to satisfy all ages and tastes, from Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Maicitos, and Quesadillas to traditional dishes, such as Bandeja Paisa, Soups, Sancochos, Grilled Meats, and other culinary delights.

At Bandeja Paisa, we are committed to bringing the authentic identity of the vast and rich Colombian cuisine no matter where you are. We invite you to enjoy our traditional dishes, especially our famous Bandeja Paisa "La Original”.

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